SHERRI SHEPHERD, newest co-host on “The View,” popped into a Pinkberry, ordered her fave frozen yogurt – topped with cookies & cream, Cocoa Pebbles and fruits – and was dippin’ in when a little old lady suddenly snatched the cup right out of her hands and squealed: “Hey…you’re not supposed to have this!”

As Sherri stood mouth agape, the LOL (Little Old Lady), LOL, pointed to two grinning galpals, and told the weight-conscious comedienne: “We heard you say on ‘The View’ that if anyone ever sees you at a Pinkberry yogurt store, to stop you because you have diabetes.”

Caught red-handed, Sherri groaned: “Me and my big mouth!”

Laughing, she thanked the busy-biddies for their concern – then insisted on treating the trio to yogurt.

But when she slyly begged for a taste, the LOL’s LOL again and chorused: “NO WAY!”