Turns out ‘Adam Sandler’ actually is Adam Sandler!


Hilarious surprise on wild-‘n-crazy Hollywood Boulevard when ADAM SANDLER and his family – who’d just seen the stage play “Wicked” at the Pantages Theatre – started snapping pics of outrageously costumed superheroes and Hollywood star look-alikes who hustle buck$$ posing for tourist photos … but suddenly a group of Japanese tourists not only started snapping Adam, they handed him a two-dollar TIP!

Said an eyewitness: “It was just crazy! These folks mistook Adam for one of the imposters!

“They assumed he was an actor pretending to be Adam Sandler!

“FunnyGuy totally cracked up and went along with the gag, mugging and posing for photos with the giggling tourists — and even accepted the two dollars they gave him!”