Mike Walker

Tori Spelling Freaks Out Over Pocket Money

Broke star needed a cash advance!

tori spelling broke
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Mike Walker Reports… Pregnant with her fifth child and broke as usual, Tori Spelling shocked fans jammed into an autograph-signing event at a Chicago hotel!

The former ‘90210″ star — the only daughter of late gazillionaire mega- producer Aaron Spelling — abruptly burst into loud tears and sobbed like her heart had broken!

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Said My On-Scene Spy: “Tori just went totally to pieces when she learned promoters were not going to cash-advance even a dime of what she’d earned on-the-spot — as she claimed they’d promised — and would cough up nothing until a later date!

“Desperately needing spendable dough, Tori had flown all the way to Chicago for cash that didn’t come as expected — and just kept shrieking she needed money to feed her family now!”