Mike Walker

Suri Cruise Set To Outgrow Her Dad, Tom, But Don’t Mention It!

It’s thought she’s going to be taller than her superstar father!

Tom Cruise Daughter Suri — She’s Going To Be Taller Than Him

After siphoning sushi at a jam-packed joint near their Calabasas casa, Katie Holmes and dazzling daughter Suri Cruise were exiting when a woman — stunned at seeing the sprouting 9-year-old taking after her statuesque Mom — blurted: “You’re so TALL! You’re going to be TALLER THAN YOUR DAD!”

Said My SpyWitness: “Shooting daggers at the woman as folks who’d overheard stifled their chuckles — and mental images of height-challenged Tom Cruise — furious Katie hustled Darling Daughter right the hell outta there!”