Charlie Sheen

WHAT’S UP, PUSSYCAT?! Here’s the bombshell NOBODY’S dropped until now: Even as CHARLIE SHEEN defiantly flashed fangs and charged onto America’s stages like a roaring tiger, the star was actually mewling like a scared li’l kitty cat backstage – secretly composing mea culpa letters to his “Two and a Half Men” bosses at CBS, including arch nemesis/showrunner CHUCK LORRE, humbly apologizing for trashing them…and begging for his high-paying job back!

Said a show source: “It was quite a surprise when Charlie’s personal letters of apology arrived for two of the producers – and Chuck Lorre. His letter to Lorre rambled on for two pages, sounding a lot like the way Charlie speaks. It even included the line, ‘I’m sorry from the bottom of my tiger heart.’ There was no hint of Charlie’s usual in-your-face arrogance – the tone of his letters was abjectly contrite. He’s begging for forgiveness – and a return to the status quo. He desperately wants his old job back.”

Will Charlie’s mea culpa work? “The letter’s still not enough for Chuck, who openly enjoys watching Charlie squirm,” said the source. “Chuck was delighted every time he heard Charlie’s show had bombed – and bummed every time he heard it did well. It’s not that Chuck’s petty; it’s because he’s totally angry at Charlie for derailing their hit show and putting so many people out of work. He wants nothing more than for Charlie to see that he’s LOSING – and to watch him come crawling back!”

Stay tuned.