Mike Walker

Sylvester Stallone Making Underdogs WINNERS!

Sylvester Stallone

Mike Walker Reports… Haven’t talked to Sylvester Stallone in ages (Yo, Sly! … Great to see “Creed” doing boffo and critics seriously touting you for an Oscar at age 69!), but a heart of gold STILL beats beneath that tough exterior!

Said my source: “After dining in BevHills, Sly and wife Jennifer waited at the valet for five minutes … then 10 minutes …and when a valet finally drove it up, Rocky barked, ‘You get lost?’

The sheepish kid said his mom had called just as he got into Sly’s car — then he’d lost his phone under the seat.

Muttered Sly, ‘Uh, okay!’ Hopping in, he whipped out a $100 bill, grinned and said: ‘Couldn’t find change — just like YOU couldn’t find your phone!’”

As the guy gushed thanks, Sly drove off yelling: “Go see my movie!”