Super-Hero Rudd Plays “Rant Man”


 A pro autograph collector well-known to celebs approached PAUL RUDD, star of Marvel Comics’ upcoming “Ant-Man” movie, at New York’s LaGuardia Airport and politely asked if he’d sign photos of himself in costume.

Said My SpyWitness: “Rudd instantly went NUTS and lashed out, raging: ‘You know that this is STALKING?! … It’s HARASSMENT!’ Taken aback by Rudd’s rant, the collector said, ‘But … I’m a big fan of Marvel Comics!’

Snarled Rudd: ‘You’re just going to SELL it!’” (DUH!) When the collector continued to plead quietly, Rudd roared: “Go online and BUY it!”

Then he whipped out his cell phone, stupidly snapping a pic of the guy as he hissed dramatically: “Now I will remember you!”… then off he stalked in a huff.(When Collector Guy told us this tale, he whined a line I wished I’D written: “Rudd’s name should be Paul RUDE!”) ‘