Mike Walker

Stingy Barbra Streisand Ruthlessly Returns Half-Used Beauty Products!

Diva Babs ALWAYS gets what she wants.

Barbra streisand corbis

No SURPRISE that diva Barbra Streisand demands — and gets! — beyond-superstar treatment in Gollywood, but beauty pros can’t stop blabbing about Babs battling endlessly for total refunds on super-expensive, gooey beauty gunk she’s ruthlessly sampled!

Said My Touch-up Tattler: “Barbra likes trying tons of topline, exclusive beauty creams and products, eventually returning them even after she’s halfway used them up — then demanding her money back.

“One pro I know said to her, ‘How can you return it? You’ve already used more than half the jar, so the shop can’t sell it or send it back?’ But Barbra insisted, saying, ‘It’s no good … I didn’t like it!’ So the pro said, ‘Then why’d you use so much of it?’

“And Barbra belts back, “Well, I had to give it time — to see if I’d like it!’” So she demanded her dough back and GOT it … because she’s Barbra Streisand, bitch!