Embattled ex-heroin junkie Tatum O’Neal is telling the world she’s finally kicked drugs, but now the one-time Oscar winner faces the worst terror of her life — she thinks a crazed stalker has targeted her for murder! After renting a 2-bedroom cottage near famed Venice Beach, Tatum suddenly abandoned it late one night after two months — and insiders say managers were shocked to discover she’d turned it into a bizarre bunker that revealed her out-of-control paranoia! Tatum had installed more than 40 new locks on outside doors, bathroom doors, closet doors — and double-bolted the master bedroom — even though the apartment was equipped with a brand-new high-tech security system! Even weirder, she’d spread razor-sharp glass shards under windows to sabotage intruders. Constantly complaining she was terrified, Tatum once called police in a panic — then refused to let them in! Cops battered down the door, but found NO evidence anyone had threatened her! Tatum’s landlords are threatening to sue for back rent. Tatum’s reps had no comment.