SOFIA’s Not-So-Modern Family No Habla Ingles To Joe!

Hot tamale Sofia Vergara totally burned studly new heartthrob Joe Manganiello by giving him the cold shoulder during what was supposed to be a heartwarming event – his first-ever introduction to the “Modern Family” bombshell’s real-life family at swanky Miami eatery Makoto!

Said a source: “Sofia was downright rude to new boyfriend Joe – and he was PISSED! Joe felt shunned because Sofia and more than a dozen of her family spoke Spanish practically the entire time – three full hours! 

"He didn’t understand a word they were saying. At first, he didn’t mind. But as the night wore on, Joe became increasingly frustrated and miserable – finally starting a long conversation with a waiter, while Sofia remained immersed in her own world!”

But when it was finally adios familia time, Sofia suddenly sensed the icy chill emanating from El Loverboy and instantly shifted into make-it-up-to-him overdrive, cuddling and whispering sexily, “Everybody loved you … they all thought you were so handsome … and now, at last, we can have alone time, mi amor!” Hola, hombre, what’s a guy to do? She’s Sofia Vergara, verdad?

So Joe just shrugged it all off – and let his sizzling tamale caliente make it up to him! (Ai, yai, YAI … !)