For one, brief shining moment, it looked like SIMON COWELL might actually have a heart, but…when PAULA ABDUL found a gift-wrapped package from the “American Idol” bully in her dressing room, along with a card congratulating her on her new record, she melted after finding her gift was a beautiful digital picture frame – but melted down when she plugged it in and saw snarky Simon had loaded it with 150 pics of himself…in his pool, in his cars, etc. Realizing she’d been punk’d, Paula stormed onto the set, where smiling Simon asked how she’d liked the frame. “Just great,” snapped Paula. “I’m putting it in my garage because the sight of you always scares my dogs!” Cackling Cowell cracked up…but be warned, Brit Boy: P.O.’d Paula’s asking pals for ideas on how to wreak revenge.