Mike Walker

‘The Talk’ Hosts Dish Dirt On Vladimir Putin And Pamela Anderson

Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen gabbed backstage about the breakup.

Sharon Osbourne Julie Chen The Talk — Vladimir Putin Pam Anderson
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Loved hearing from backstage spies at “The Talk” that gab-stars Sharon Osbourne and Julie Chen dished like gossip-starved yentas over our column’s scoop that Russian ruler Vladimir “Pooty-poot” Putin finally hung up on his long-ish phone affair with pneumatic Pam Anderson to “Da, DA” even heavier hot-wire breathing with Rupert Murdoch’s brainy ex-wife Wendi Deng!

Thanks, gals — but you made one hilarious boo-boo when Sharon yakked to Julie: “WOW, did you hear about Gorbachev and Wendi Deng?!” Said My “Talk” Tattler: “Even newsgal Julie aped Sharon at first — but quickly caught herself and giggled, “I think we BOTH mean Putin!” And both cracked up like coo-coo Cossacks!