Mike Walker

Sharon Gless Comes Clean About Her ‘Cagney & Lacey’ Boozing

Former TV cop hit the bottle 'as soon as they'd yell 'WRAP' every day!'

sharon gless cagney lacey alcoholic
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Mike Walker reports….  Sharon Gless — on the eve of jetting to London for a starring role in the U.K.’s glass-ceiling-smasher medical show “Casualty” — came clean about her time as half of the ’80s TV juggernaut “Cagney & Lacey!”

Sharon, who’ll be scrubbing up as the brilliant brain surgeon Zsa Zsa Harper-Jenkinson “Casualty” — now bravely admits to her two-handed behind-the-scenes boozing when she played policewoman Christine Cagney to Tyne Daly‘s Mary-Beth Lacey!

She’s telling all before the Brits can start babbling about her bad-girl background!

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Said a showbiz source: “Award-winning Sharon made her name as the hard-drinking lady cop in the ’80s show, but off-screen she was facing her tough struggles.

“She told one Brit interviewer: ‘I never drank while I was at work. But as soon as they’d yell ‘Wrap’ every day, a Styrofoam cup with scotch and ice was put in my hand — and everyone would call it Sharon’s apple juice!’”

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So how’s that gonna play in the U.K. today, the interviewer asked. “I don’t drink now,” said Sharon. “It’s been five years since my last drink.

“Back then I didn’t think I had a problem,” she said. “Now I believe I’m an alcoholic.”