Mike Walker

Selena Gomez Set For Big-Screen Classic Remake

Producers see singer in Ali MacGraw's weepie star-making role!

selena gomez love story remake
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Mike Walker Reports… Okay, gossip fans, imagine your fave showbiz quiz show dangling big bucks to name Hollywood’s hottest-ever love story flick!

Betcha the first title to pass your salivating lips will be … “Love Story!” (Right?)

That ’70s mega-hit tearjerker starred sizzling stud-muffin Ryan O’Neal and launched sultry Selena Gomez (left) look-alike Ali MacGraw (right) as an international superstar — and here’s my headline-busting scoop!

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Said My Selena Spy: “Studio moguls are wooing sexy thrush Selena as the perfect choice to reprise Ali’s part as beautiful, ill-fated Jenny, who melted screens with that iconic, mysterious dialogue: ‘Love means never having to say you’re sorry!’” (Whatever the hell that means.)

Here’s the brilliant twist: Selena will record the flick’s heart-wrenching ballad, “Love Story” — a surefire platinum chart-topper!

Pink’s my fave color too! Love means never having to say Sweet Selena surprised us!