Scattering buck$$ like a big$hot, KLUM jumps café queue!

 DON’T BE GLUM – COFFEE’S ON KLUM! In a super hurry, supermodel HEIDI KLUM came screeching up to the BevHills Urth Caffe, parked her car, ran inside looking like a harried mom in a hurry – and was stopped cold by a line of four people.

Said My SpyWitness: “Heidi begged the lady in front of her to let her move up, saying, ‘Look, I’ve left my four kids out in the car with my mother, but she can’t handle that bunch for long!’ The lady was sympathetic and let her pass – but Heidi hustled right to the front of the line. The customers she’d passed started grumbling, ‘Who does she think she is?’ – and the first lady said, ‘Hey, I just let her by me, that’s all!’”

But here’s how it’s done in Hollywood, gossip fans: Realizing she’d raised a ruckus, klever Klum kwickly koughed up a $100 bill and loudly told the cashier: “Please take care of these people behind me!”

Moments later, as she shouted apologies, Heidi hustled out the door with two cups of java to give mom Erna some much-needed relief!