Mike Walker

Scarlett Johansson’s Dirty Talk With SNL Stud

'Weekend Update' jester Jost's wonky wooing weakens her knees!

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Mike Walker Reports…   Never talk dirty to ladies if you wanna turn ’em on — right, guys?

Wrong, insisted ScarJo — who hotly admitted kinky talk from hunky boy toy CoJo unfailingly triggers turn-ons!

Folks, just in case you don’t recognize those names, I’m shoveling titillating scoop about movie sexpot Scarlett Johansson and “SNL” head writer/Head Honey/“Weekend Update” host Colin Jost!

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Revealed My Secret ScarJo Source: “She told me that talking dirty sets off the giggles, and that every time CoJo actually tries to be sexy, he inadvertently manages to crack me up!

“Somehow, that’s the biggest turn-on for me — because anyone can say sexy s–t … but Colin’s quick wit is such a huge, huge turn-on!”

So … get funny — and get busy, guys!