Sandra Bullock CREAMS Her New Stud Bryan Randall

America’s sweetheart digs deep into her boyfriend’s crotch at West Hollywood eatery!

Sandra Bullock & Bryan Randall

The hip crowd’s seen it ALL at trendy WeHo eatery Craig’s, but eyebrows shot up like busted window shades when dumbfounded diners suddenly eyeballed classy Sandra Bullock digging deep into new boy-stud Bryan Randall’s crotch — with BOTH hands! YeeIKES!

Staffers rushed to check what was going down … or, er, up!

Revealed My WeHo Spy: “Sandra creamed Bryan’s lap into a gooey white mess as she seductively spoon-fed him ice cream — and a fat, melt-y glob abruptly tumbled to his lap! Shrieking, Sandy snatched napkins, pawing hard to clean up her twitching beau, but goo just kept schmearing his troy!

“Horrified and disgusted, Bryan begged an old sweatshirt from a staffer, hastily tying it around his hard-to-hide mess as he hightailed with Sandy out a secret side exit!”

So … Papa-paparazzi missed a BIG payday, eh?!