Ryan Seacrest Stunned By Kendall Jenner’s New Piercing

Ryan Seacrest and Kendall Kardashian

Breast assured that RYAN SEACREST, who’s practically an uncle to the younger Kardashian kupcakes like Kendall, 19, suffered major shock triggered by the titillating tipoff a staffer whispered in his ear just as he and Momager Kris Jenner were about to co-host a surprise presentation of li’l sis Kylie’s high school diploma!

Snickered my source: “A staffer suddenly slipped him the ‘ringing’ news that Kendall had just had her nipple pierced! Embarrassed Ryan – who’s known Kendall since she was a tiny tot – turned 50 shades of nipple-pink as he gasped, ‘I really DON’T want to know that! … I’m feeling a lot of uncomfortability right now … endless uncomfortability!’”

Well, Ry, you probably don’t want to know this either, so forgive me, but … Kendall’s simply aping li’l Kylie, 17, who pierced and metal-tipped her teeny nip just last year! … OW!