Ryan Seacrest Snags Sneaky Kitchen Krooks!

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Talk about a delicious Ryan Seacrest scoop: The star’s jaw dropped when he came home and strolled into his pride-and-joy pantry, the supermarket-sized centerpiece of his $49 million BevHills mansion, and was shocked to find it looked like a cyclone — and thieves — had hit it!

Said My Metrosexual Spy: “Ryan’s neat-as-a-pin pantry’s always stocked like a mini-market, but now there were grievous gaps of missing food — and WORSE, labeled items placed on wrong shelves or even turned upside down! Then Ryan freaked, realizing someone had actually stolen gourmet goodies while he was out of town!”

Now chew on this: Before calling cops, Ryan screened security camera video and instantly ID’d the sneak thieves as … GASP!! … Mom and Dad!

“Turns out his parents had done a little freebie shopping while Ryan was away … and he roared with laughter at video of them looking naughty as they sneaked off carrying grocery bags full of contraband!”