Royal Name Game Pain:
Queen Crowns Kate’s Pick!

Princess of Our Hearts KATE MIDDLETON just got her “brilliant” baby name shot down by The Palace: Royal Tot will NOT be named “Spencer!”

While Brit bookies went nuts laying odds on the moniker chosen for PRINCE WILLIAM and Kate’s about-to-be, My Royal Spy reported: “Kate came up with the idea of naming the baby ‘Spencer,’ a tribute to the family of Will’s beloved mother, DIANA SPENCER. Quite a modern first name – and perfect for either a boy or a girl, Kate thought – but she was astonished when Granny (aka THE QUEEN) shot that down, making it clear she’d prefer a new little ‘Elizabeth’ or ‘Philip’ in the royal nursery. 

"Wanting to make his grandmother happy, Wills is pushing for ‘Elizabeth Diana’ as the prefect compromise if it’s a girl, and ‘Philip Charles’ for a boy. But Kate’s still ‘pondering,’ apparently!”

Stay tuned …