I report when stars get naughty, but cheer when they’re nice…like “Fast Five” star DWAYNE “The Rock” JOHNSON, who sat chowing with two males at a West Hollywood hotel when a 20-ish lass approached, told him she was attending a poolside bachelorette party for a galpal, and begged him to “pleeeze” come out and surprise the bride-to-be, a Rock-solid fan!

“Sorry, I’m in the middle of a business meeting,” the star told her. “I just can’t!”

But as the girl left crushed, The Rock turned to mush. “Hey…wait,” he called after her.

“How long you gonna be out there?”

Said the girl: “We just started, so…”

Throwing a thumbs-up, he promised he’d make it later – and kept his word. Thrilling ecstatic Bridezilla, the studly star graciously posed for pics, then spent several minutes charming all her hyperventilating galpals.

Rock ON!