Wild Hollywood!

Rita Moreno Dishes On Bedding Both Brando AND Elvis

Screen legend speaks out on off-screen life!

rita moreno marlon brando elvis presley
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Rita Moreno didn’t hold back on dishing while promoting her best-seller, “Rita Moreno: A Memoir.”

Speaking of Numero Uno badboy sex symbol Marlon Brando (she once attempted suicide at his pad), Rita sighed: “When Marlon and I first met, even the walls were sweating!” … Ai, yai, YAI! 

But legendary datemate Elvis Presley? Grins Rita: “When it came to our love life, Elvis was actually not a hound dog!”

Sizzling at 82 – the “West Side Story” bombshell rocked a badass leather jacket at the SAG Awards – Rita still giggles over horrific Hollywood heartbreaks: “Even though I’d won an Oscar, two Emmys, a Grammy and a Tony, one agent actually offered me just two lousy speaking lines in the 1990s – playing the madam of a whorehouse!”