Mike Walker

Rihanna Rips Into Sunglasses Thief

The tough singer confronted a woman who stole her pricey shades.

Rihanna Robbed — She Confronted A Thief Who Stole Her Sunglasses

Rihanna raged like a lioness when a sneak thief slithered off with her pricey designer sunglasses at swanky BevHills Hotel, roaring at the scurrying/scurrilous bitch: “What the HELL you think you’re doing?! Those are MINE — give ’em back NOW!”

Said My SpyWitness: “The woman, caught red-handed snagging the swag from a shelf connecting their adjoining poolside booths, stammered, ‘Uh, sorry … I, er … thought they were mine!’ Rihanna, not buyin’ it, barked: ‘Yeah, right! Not cool, lady, NOT COOL!’”

Instantly surrendering the shades, Shady Lady headed for the hills way beyond Beverly as hotel guards sprinted up to RiRi, who ordered, “Let her go — but make damn sure she stays the hell away from me!”

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