RFK Jr. tussling with TAYLOR SWIFT: Son’s schoolwork MUST come first!


Even though she graduated high school four years ago, 22-year-old TAYLOR SWIFT’s burning HOT for junior boy CONOR KENNEDY, 18 – but suddenly, dad ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.’s pouring cold water on his son’s sizzling romance!

Said a close friend of the country thrush: “Trouble started when Conor went back to school in Deerfield, Mass., a few weeks ago – and Taylor not only visited him for a romantic weekend, she started texting, phoning, and e-mailing love notes 24/7.

"They’re totally infatuated, and Robert went nuts when he heard Taylor will send her private plane to pick Conor up and bring him to wherever she is over the next six weeks.

"This constant togetherness has infuriated RFK, who says his son should be focusing on school work as he preps for admittance to an Ivy League college – and he’s warned Conor he won’t allow Taylor to be a distraction!”

Daddy-O’s even instructed Sonny Boy’s posh private school not to “bend the rules” so he can sneak off for long love trysts. Said the source: “Taylor’s unhappy, but doesn’t want to trigger a rift in the Kennedy family – because she’s raring to join it herself someday!”

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