Reese Witherspoon Really Gets Rattled!

Reese witherspoon short

Hottie Reese Witherspoon’s seen that riveting “I’d love to sink my teeth into you” look before — but from a RATTLESNAKE?!! … YeeeiiiIKES!

Despite starring as a solitary hiker braving 1,100 miles of the forbidding Pacific Crest Trail in her hit flick “Wild,” Reese — strolling with a galpal in the tame hills of civilized Brentwood when the rattler uncoiled at their feet — SCREAMED!

Hissed my Serpentine Source: “This HUGE snake suddenly reared up just two feet away, rattling and baring death-dealing fangs! Reese said she’d never been so scared in her life, froze in her tracks for a second — then grabbed her girlfriend and tore off in a mad dash, literally running for her life. She told me, ‘I didn’t stop for miles until I was out of those woods and safely back home!’”