R-PATTZ & K-STEW: Will ‘romance’ be re-buried after ‘Twilight’ bows?


VAMPIRE RE-SWOONION: BLOODY REAL…OR HOLLYWOOD SPIN? Here’s your answer to the burning question Gossip Fans keep asking – did studio big shots and “Twilight” execs (a) FORCE ROBERT PATTINSON and KRISTEN STEWART to pretend kiss-and-make-up for the final premiere of the blockbuster film series, or (b) did the estranged lovers suddenly succumb to self-induced hot pants?

THE ANSWER IS… pant, pant…(a) AND (b)!!…WHAAAAT?

Folks, before you brain me with my keyboard, let me tell this touching tale: As you guessed, the wicked Hollywood honchos insisted on a reconciliation – preferably real, but “fake” was just fine.

Kristen, heart aching for the honey she’d cuckolded, wanted “real” – but agreed to settle for “fake.”

R-Pattz, hard-nosed as always, refused “real” and even balked at “fake.”

Then, just like in the movies, a funny thing happened. “Execs got them to meet at a pal’s LA home for a confab,” said My TwiWitness.

“And when they saw each other, all the old feelings welled up – and Rob’s walls came tumbling down.”

WALKER’S EXPERT ANALYSIS: “It’s not quite fake, for sure, and getting real-er by the second, so…stay tuned!”

(“Fangs, Mike!”…“Yer welcome.”)