Princess Kate To Prince Charming: Get SHEARED, Little Sheep!


HATS OFF to gorgeous, no-nonsense Princess of Our Hearts KATE MIDDLETON, who ruthlessly chopped Prince Charming’s incessant laments about losing his barely-there blonde hair andgrrr-ed girlishly: “OFF WITH YOUR BLOODY ROYAL THATCH!”

My Palace Spy reports Wills was whining – or, as the Brits call it, “whinging” – while surveying news photos portraying his pathetic thatch, and was stunned when Kate suddenly barked: “Why don’t you simply buzz it all off … like VIN DIESEL and BRUCE WILLIS?! You have such a handsome face – it would look mah-velous!” 

Sheepish about the shear idea, PRINCE WILLIAM nonetheless told Granny, aka THE QUEEN, he wanted a buzz cut!

Said my source: “When Wills argued that it’s what men losing hair are doing nowadays, The Queen plucked that silly notion out of his balding head and decreed: ‘You are not all men!’” Which is Queen’s English for …FUHGEDDABOUDIT!