Here’s the jaw-dropping, naked truth about Royal Family fallout from playboy PRINCE HARRY’s eye-popping nude romp in Vegas: His father, future King of England PRINCE CHARLES, was dumbfounded when Palace officials and his own mother, QUEEN ELIZABETH, demanded that Harry must take a DNA test to finally prove whether he’s truly Charles’ son – or, as long rumored, the illegitimate spawn of PRINCESS DIANA’s affair with dashing cavalry officer JAMES HEWITT!

Lashing out in right royal fury, Charles roared: “Harry is my son and I refuse to allow his royal heritage to be put to the test!” Reports My Palace Spy: “Prince Charles was livid when he saw photos of his nude son partying with girls at a Las Vegas hotel – but that’s nothing compared to the anger and hurt he felt when his own mother and her royal advisers coldly demanded that he force Harry to agree to a DNA test that would prove, once and for all, whether Harry truly is his son.

"Harry’s latest escapade has triggered the age-old controversy about his true heritage because The Queen’s been disillusioned and embarrassed over the years by his wild partying and bad judgment calls – like the time he played dress-up in a Nazi officer’s uniform – so these shocking photos of his nude Vegas frolic were the straw that broke the camel’s back.

"The Queen’s so humiliated she’s questioning again whether Harry’s her real grandson – or if the persistent rumors that he’s Diana’s child by Hewitt are true!”

Reports of Harry submitting to DNA testing have surfaced over the years, but are totally untrue.

Said my source: “Harry has never taken a DNA test, nor has the Royal Family ever asked him to – until now! But Charles, who’s furious, adamantly refuses to allow it!”