Mike Walker

Prince Harry Makes Decree On Meghan Markle Sex Scenes

Royal brouhaha over hot cable show!

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Mike Walker Reports… Talk about yer fiery, cranky redheads! Prince Harry’s gone bonkers/blind with jealousy over pics of girlfriend Meghan Markle sexily slurping the lips of “Suits” co-star Patrick J. Adams.

Now he’s angrily issued this royal decree/stone-cold ultimatum: It’s Hollywood or me period!

Sighed My Brit Spy: “Like Grace Kelly, who was forced to ditch her acting career to wed Prince Rainier of Monaco, Harry’s forcing Meghan to choose between life as the royal wife of a real-life prince — or her on-camera career!

Zsa Zsa Gabor’s Betrayal Of Princess Diana!

“Harry’s insisting on an answer before he officially proposes, because he’s not okay with his love doll kissing other men while the world watches.

“Meghan, who loves her career, is split in two. It’s a crisis, and it’s breaking her heart!”