Mike Walker

Meghan Markle Closer To Marrying Prince Harry — After Surviving Royal Breath Test

Famous fiancée spent weeks getting ready!

meghan markle prince harry queen elizabeth

Mike Walker reports…. The world is abuzz about Prince Harry‘s impending engagement to Meghan Markle — but now here’s the scoop on how the former “Suits” star had to pass one royally intimate final test!

Yes, it was truly crisis time when Prince Harry’s future bride was informed she’d damn well need to stop chomping on/cooking with garlic weeks before meeting the lad’s grand-granny — aka, Elizabeth II, Queen of England!

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Said My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “Nervous Meghan had cut her garlic intake months ago, wanting desperately to please Queen Elizabeth.”

“Happily,” Lord Knows crowed, “her breath smelled fresh as a daisy!”