Here’s a heart-warmer: “Twilight” heartthrob ROBERT PATTINSON, dining with pals at Vancouver’s Glowbal Grill, slipped out between courses to sneak a cig in the freezing cold – but got burned moments later when a woman exiting with her teen daughter sucked in a lungful of Vampire Boy’s smoke cloud!

Instantly, she screamed: “You’re NOT allowed to be smoking here!” Then she plucked the burning butt from the stunned star’s lips, flung it to the ground and STOMPED IT DEAD! Raging, she hissed: “That’s called secondhand smoke. I know my rights. You have to be at least 6 meters away from the entrance, you jerk!”

Here’s the part I love, Gossip Fans: Instead of acting like a spoiled “don’t-you-know-who-I-am” celeb after being scolded like a kid, Pattinson immediately apologized to the woman – but was interrupted when her teen daughter suddenly squealed: “It’s Edward!…It’s Edward from ‘Twilight!’”

Seeing her daughter gush and coo, the woman suddenly changed her tune and apologized for yelling. But Pattinson gallantly told her: “Don’t apologize. You are absolutely right. I need to stop smoking, for sure.”

And just to make amends, he posed for photos with the lady’s hyperventilating lassie.