Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama

 OH, NOW YOU COME CRAWLING DEPT.: After ruthlessly cutting OPRAH WINFREY out of the White House inner circle, Desperate First Housewife MICHELLE OBAMA’s suddenly on hands and knees – begging America’s TV Queen: “Please endorse Barack’s bid for re-election!”

Terrified by recent reports that Oprah won’t publicly back PRESIDENT OBAMA again and rally the female vote he needs to win a second term, Michelle – who’d acted all jealous of O for having hubby’s ear – now wants her back on the team, said an insider…but just discovered it won’t be that easy.

“Oprah bluntly told Michelle there’s a problem, and it’s business, not personal,” explained the source.

“Oprah’s convinced that her original public endorsement caused the widely reported erosion in her ratings.

"Now she’s fearful that if she repeats her personal public campaign for Barack Obama, it could undercut female viewer support for her new network, OWN. It’s a real dilemma.”

Oprah finally agreed to book the Obamas on her May 2 show but told Michelle that’s probably it.

Stay tuned.