At a Monaco TV festival, JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT got a snooty royal snub from PRINCE ALBERT II of Monaco – who practically bared his teeth in refusing her addle-brained plea to pose for a photo wearing vampire fangs she’d fashioned from wisps of white paper!

Turns out the “Ghost Whisperer” star gets a bloody kick out of persuading celeb pals like KATE WALSH, MATTHEW FOX, KIM KARDASHIAN, etc., to pose for her personal vampire photo collection of goofballs willing to sport sculpted paper fangs that clip onto the choppers for that oh-so-trendy “Twilight” look.

And speaking of nasty LOOKS…Prince Al, a good-natured guy back when I knew him in his Hollywood playboy days, shot Jennifer a royal stare that turned her cheeks blood-red.

In a voice to chill a vampire, the Prince purred: “I don’t want to be shown in that light.”

(Sorta like gossip columnist BURT LANCASTER telling PR-hole TONY CURTIS – in the classic, “Sweet Smell of Success” – “You’re dead, son. Get yourself buried.”)