No Heat’s Too Hot For Sofia Vergara!

Walker no heats too hot for sofia vergara

No WONDER studly Joe Manganiello makes “Modern Family” sexpot Sofia Vergara — one of the world’s hottest women — sizzle like a smitten teenager!

During a recent Gollywood red-carpet event, La Señorita melted in LA’s 100 degree-plus heat doing photos and TV interviews with the milling mob of press, so Joe suggested slipping away to an inside banquet area to chill.

“But Sofia — who LOVES on-camera attention — balked,” said My Manganiello source, “telling Joe she didn’t get all dolled up to skip publicity and the chance to plug her new fragrance line!

"But that didn’t stop her manly/super-smart man, who told her cooly: ‘Okay, Honey, go for it! But I’m starving … so I’m going inside to get a bite (in air-conditioning)!’” SEE YA!