My shocker for BRAD PITT’s mom – Her boy’s set on playing a GAY man!

Close your eyes and cover your ears, JANE PITT…I’ve got a shocking scoop you’re not going to like:

In the wake of BRAD PITT’s mother blindsiding her gay advocate son and baby-momma ANGELINA JOLIE with a headline-making anti-gay marriage letter to a newspaper, Hunky Boy’s kicked off top-secret talks with Hollywood execs about playing GAY on-screen!

And here’s the ironic kicker, Jane: Your gay-bashing apparently fast-tracked the deal! Reports my inside source: “Brad’s negotiating with one of his ‘Seven Years in Tibet’ producers to star in a movie in which he plays a gay man.

Details will be kept under wraps until the deal’s complete, but it turns out Brad’s actually wanted to play a gay man for years, feeling it would add dimension to his work as an actor – and right after Brad’s mom delivered her anti-gay marriage mail, he told producers, ‘I’ll do whatever it takes to make this film happen.’”

In other words, Meddling Mommy, Brad wants the gay community to know he and Angie are totally in their…er, camp  – and it looks like YOU put him there!