Mike Walker

Mick Jagger Still Serious Over 22-Year-Old Girlfriend

Years of romantic practice keep the old Stone rolling!

mick jagger girlfriend huge age difference
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Mike Walker reports….  Trans-Atlantic tattlers keep spinning tales that the freshly minted romance of 74-year-old Rock God Mick Jagger and girlfriend Noor Alfallah, 22, has started showing signs of spinning onto the rocks!

But, I can get satisfaction by revealing from My Smartest Stones Scoopers that their freaky May/December romance is definitely far from faded!

Despite a staggering half-century-plus age difference, flashed My Favorite Jumpin’ Jack Yakker: “Noor just adores all the attention she’s suddenly getting from the randy rocker, and Mick’s totally bewitched by the young beauty!”

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“She makes him feel decades younger, because she is … well, literally decades younger!”

“Sure, they get into little riffs ‘n tiffs,” my source continued, “but then Mick quickly relies on the gallant-old-gentleman trick — softening her up with elaborate designer flower arrangements, then … sniff, sniff … bingo!!”