Mike Walker

Meghan Markle Chose Royalty Over Being An ‘Angel’

Rebooting a TV show and feature film couldn't compete with Prince Harry!

meghan markle prince harry engagement
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Mike Walker reports… Hollywood producers stoked the flames of their red-hot, new “Charlie’s Angels” reboot by flinging big stacks of bucks at Kristen Stewart — who is thisclose to signing on as their star!

But here’s the secret scoop our “Twilight” cutie will never know about (unless she reads The National ENQUIRER, of course!): The moguls won’t quit bitching and moaning that their first choice, at almost any cost, was Prince Harry’s luscious lady love, Meghan Markle!

Said a Hollywood exec as the deals started up: “Producers are dying for Meghan to take the lead — and will give her anything she wants!

Meghan Markle: Royal Copycat Out To Be The New Diana!

“But Meghan is still turning her nose up and turning the part down flat!”

And it was no secret that Meghan was mulling over an historical offer from Prince Harry — but the srouce still confirmed: “Meghan’s firmly focused on wedding her real-life royal prince!”