Mike Walker

Mark Wahlberg’s Stormy Celebrity Snub

Movie star got left all wet!

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Mike Walker Reports… Ultra-swank celebri-lodges like the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel operate by strict rules — but one semi-blind jerk staffer needs emergency training!

He broke Hollywood’s big Rule #1: Never fail to recognize major stars like Mark Wahlberg!

Instead, an Eagle-Eyed Geek rained on Mark’s parade when the star exited the hotel after dropping mega-buck$$$ on a high-powered Hollywood lunch!

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Said My SpyWitness: “Mark departed, grabbing an umbrella from a wooden stand outside because a huge storm had suddenly hit and he didn’t want to get drenched en route to the parking lot.

“But then Stupid Stickler suddenly appeared, barking: ‘Are you a guest?’

“When Mark said no, he’d just had lunch, Stickler snarled, ‘Umbrellas are for guests only!

“Sighing, Mark shoved the ‘brolly back in the bin (rather than up that very deserving wazoo) and stormed off into the storm!”