I TOLD YA SO! Now I’ve got even more to tell ya: Back in September, I scooped that Reality Princess Bride KIM KARDASHIAN was “pouting to pals that oh-so-many wedding guests still hadn’t sent her and hubby KRIS HUMPHRIES gifts” – revealing that “they’ve got the customary one year of grace to pony up, and are cynically waiting to see if the marriage really lasts before they shell out big buck$$.”

The smart money was smart, as always; now here’s my brand-new exclusive: Slam-dumped hubby Kris exploded when soon-to-be ex-wife Kim decided – all by herself – not to return any gifts those other poor suckers sent, and will instead donate $200,000 to charity in her name, netting her – not Kris – a fat tax write-off.

“Kris was furious when he saw Kim tweet about this without consulting him,” said a source close to the basketball pro.

“It’s like he doesn’t even exist. They were his gifts too, after all. Kris’ friends and family are furious with Kim, and he’s totally embarrassed!”