KENDALL nip-reveal triggers KIM/Mom-ager war!

NIPPED IN THE BUD DEPT.: You’ll NEVER guess who was furious over that notorious photo exposing teen KENDALL JENNER’s budding womanhood!

Incredibly, it was big sis KIM KARDASHIAN – no stranger to nudity – who EXPLODED at manipulative mom-ager KRIS JENNER when she first saw the world-famous pic of Kendall’s nipples peeking through a sheer black shirt!

In a sorta pot-calling-the-kettle-black moment, “Kim confronted Kris on the phone, telling her she shouldn’t have allowed Kendall to expose her breasts to the world just days after she turned 18,” said a close family source.

“Kris, furious at Kim’s belittling manner, quickly reminded her she got her career started with a sex tape!”

But Kim eyes the two situations as not even close.

Now that she’s a mom, she told Mom, she’d hate it if pictures of her daughter like that were plastered everywhere! The conversation ended when Kris, mother of six, fired back: “You’re in no position to judge me!” (MAMA MIA!)