Mike Walker

Katy Perry’s Workout Nip Slip!

Her sports bra strap broke while she was at the gym.

Katy Perry Nip Slip — Her Bra Broke At The Gym
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Wearing her iron-clad, no-bounce bra while working the elliptical machine at Gollywood’s Core gym, chest-iferous Katy (“I’m 34D”) Perry sent fellow gym rats swooning when one suddenly snapped strap boldly bared a titillating half bosom — which, if you’re Katy, is still quite an eyeful!

Said My SpyWitness: “She’d been going twice as fast as guys on either side of her when her song ‘Roar’ suddenly blared and she really rocked out, singin’ and slingin’ that fabulous bod when … ZAP!! A strap snapped and she was suddenly singing a different tune!”

Katy Perry Snags Orlando Bloom!

Desperately trying to hide her bared 1Ž2-D from D-eeelighted guys, giggly Katy raced to the ladies’ — but strutted back after a quick readjust, earning a super-sized cheer! … And how was YOUR week?