Mike Walker

Katy Perry’s Meltdown Over ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Turns sing-along joy ride into psycho-diva drive-by as crew cowers!

katy perry carpool karaoke diva

Mike Walker Reports … I adore karaoke — despite its sweet AND sour notes — and I’ll always dig Katy Perry, even though the sizzling-hot dish can accelerate from cool cupcake to fiery-hot bitch in mere nanoseconds!

My Red-Hot Singer Source just rocketed this scoop: “Katy was shooting a ‘Carpool Karaoke’ drive-by with James Corden, but staffers behind- the-scenes literally cringed because whenever cameras stopped rolling, Katy’d quit purring and commence roar-ing, “‘Where the hell is my makeup?

Celine Dion’s Ever-Expanding Shoe Fetish!

Her heavily painted mug already looked picture-perfect, but whenever the director stopped to reset a shot, pissed-off Perry screamed, ‘makeup! … I need more makeup now!’

It was like her life — and maybe everyone else’s job — depended on it!”

(And folks — it damn well did!)