Kathy Griffin Fails To Fool ‘Late Late’ Bosses!

Kathy griffin getty

In-your-face funnylady Kathy Griffin just fell out of grace with “Late Late Show” producers, who screamed LIAR-LIAR-PANTS-ON-FIRE in a heated showdown after she staged what insiders charge was a “phony” publicity stunt!

Said My Late Late Spy: “During a recent taping, flabbergasted host James Corden watched in dismay as Kathy – making her entrance onto the stage by coming down the stairs through the audience – suddenly tumbled in a shocking fall!

Apologetic producers stopped the taping and urged her to re-do her entrance – but amazingly, Kathy refused, insisting they leave it in!

But stunned producers refused, and – despite being pissed – Kathy finally gave in and reshot her entrance with NO fall!

Producers are now convinced she deliberately staged her spectacular ‘fall’ – which looked suspiciously like the phony tumble Katie Couric staged weeks before that using a stunt double!”