Kathie Lee & Hoda Kotb Kan’t Klash!


CLOTHES ENCOUNTERS DEPT.: When KATHIE LEE GIFFORD and HODA KOTB clash, they literally clash!

“Today” show insiders say a surefire way to tell if the co-hosts are on friendly terms is watching to see whether their clothes coordinate.

“When Hoda and Kathie Lee are getting along well, they talk by phone every night to discuss what they’ll wear the next morning – making sure that their clothes complement each other,” revealed a source.

“But when they’re on the outs, their outfits can literally clash!

"And right now, staffers fear a wardrobe war could break out because Hoda – who’s kind of a slob – just moved into the dressing room next door to neat-freak Kathie Lee…so it’s like a ticking time bomb backstage!”