Just got tipped that “Today” host KATHIE LEE GIFFORD’s a notorious re-gifter, pawning off tons of freebie goodies she gets year-round from business associates, friends, fans, etc. – re-wrapping and re-gifting by sending them to other pals and family members!

But here’s the shocker: Kathie Lee ALWAYS makes sure each gift-getter knows it’s a re-gift!

“She always sends a note, confessing that what she’s sent is a regift,” said my source.

“She’ll say something like, ‘I got this present and immediately thought it’s something you could use – (or, ‘I already have one’) – so I thought you might enjoy this!’”

That’s really VERY sweet of Kathie Lee, but my source revealed there’s another big shot TV diva who often re-gifts, but NEVER admits it.

This huge TV star/idiot sent a re-gift, a silver picture frame in a fancy Tiffany blue box, to a newlywed actress – engraved, stupidly enough, with her OWN name and that of her EX-HUSBAND!!