Kathie Lee CRANKS it!


Speaking of stars still in great shape for their age, KATHIE LEE GIFFORD blew a lot of male minds – and heaven knows what else – when she responded to a “Betcha can’t twerk, grrrl” challenge from “Today” co-host HODA KOTB.

She leaped up from the anchor desk and started twitchin’ that thang like a teen machine!

Giggled my on-set source: “Everyone’s jaw just dropped when Kathie Lee stood up and shook her booty like a pro!”

Now here’s my kickass kicker: “Kathie Lee’s dirty dancing scored HUGE with college-age males nationwide, who are now sending tons of emails and messages – which is pretty astounding for a 60-year-old lady!

She sure proved she’s still got what it takes to make men’s heads spin. She’s a MILF to all these frat boys, and the show’s being bombarded with requests for tickets from fraternities!” Well…Boola Boola to YOU, Kathie Lee!