Mike Walker

Kate Middleton’s Royal Ado Over Princess Charlotte’s Makeover

Prince William and Princess take on 'tacky' move!

kate middleton princess charlotte scandal
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Mike Walker Reports …  A hilarious nail-biter from the lips of Lord Knows — my fave Royals tattler — who offered scoops on a a ritzy hair/makeup session staged for precious Palace Peewee Princess Charlotte!

It seems the fashion fete scheduled for the two-year-old tyke and a bevy of her li’l gal pals ended up needing a makeover!

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Lilted M’Lord: “Society ladies arranged the beauty bash, treating the toddlers to fancy updo hairdos and manicures with ‘ghastly’ nail polish — instantly triggering a hands-down no when wigged-out Daddy-O Prince William objected to the makeup/makeovers as ‘incredibly tacky!’

“But then it was a real nail-biter, ’cause everyone expected Mummy Duchess Kate Middleton to fight tooth and nail, arguing it’s just a fun thing little girls love doing … but surprise!

“Mummy actually agreed with Prince Daddy — who huffed that he’d much rather his 2-year-old cutie play with toys than waste so much focus on beauty!”

(Hear that, ladies?)