Mike Walker

Kate Middleton’s Secret Craving To Beat Morning Sickness

Princess finds miracle cure — for a few days!

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Mike Walker reports….   Kate Middleton inspired today’s serious question: “Are you fickle about … your pickle?”

If the answer’s “yes,” hot royal blood may be beating in your veins — like beautiful Princess of Our Hearts!

As you know, our girl got nauseous enduring her difficult, weeks-long pregnancy — getting crazy cravings that soothe female tummies — and our Duchess abruptly demanded servants launch a late-night search for a fat, salty, juicy pickle!

Kate Middleton Blasted For Cashing In On Princess Charlotte!

Said a Middleton family friend: “Finally regaining a bit of appetite, Kate sent minions out for pickles on toast — happily gobbling the sour sandwiches 
for a week!

“But when a servant served up a massive munchie encore one evening, Kate turned fickle on her pickle and snapped: ‘Revolting…. Get it away!’”