Mike Walker

Kim & Kanye Share Bathroom Secrets

A game of thrones in the Kardashian-West castle!

kanye west kim bathroom secrets
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Mike Walker reports…. Hey, people, let’s raise hell and have a pottyKim KardashianKanye West-style!

This famously tight Hollywood love-duo just love sharing their bathroom — whether they’re at home, or out on the town — and they famously hold nothing back! (Get my drift? I know you do, Gossip Fans!)

Kvelled a Kardashian Kvetcher: “Even staying at the world’s most lavish, two-bathroom hotel suites, K & K use only one of the potties!”

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“That includes being together during their most private moments,” said the source.

“They love dishing in the loo, where they can just let loose — so to speak — and flush everything out of their systems.

“Getting tight just feels right to these two…. And I hear they’ve even discussed custom-building a side-by-side two-seater where they can really play at-home ‘Games of Thrones!’”