Kanye West: Fried ’Til He Cried!

Knaye west short

Self-dubbed “genius” Kanye West’s nasty, insulting and arrogant — he just topped a list of “Most-Hated” celebs — so don’t feel guilty about giggling over Yeezy writhing in PAIN!

Said an insider: “Recording at his home studio in swanky Hidden Hills, Kanye let ‘genius’ get the better of him when he re-jiggered his sound-mixing console — blustering ‘I’ll handle this’ instead of hiring an engineer — then suffered a painful electrical zzzzZAP shock that damn near blew him through a wall!”

Mr. Tough Guy screamed like a bitch nonstop until Baby-Momma Kim Kardashian kame running to comfort his sudden-fried ass! Kinda ironic — Kanye’s first-ever hit was titled “Through the Wire!” OUCH!!